Schedule — 14th LSM from 6 to 11 July 2013

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Wednesday 10


10:00-12:20 (Plenary session, K.1.105)
Benjamin Jean, Valérie-Laure Benabou, Philippe Aigrain, Marie Farge
14:00-16:00 (Plenary session, K.1.105)
Richard Stallman, Patrice Emmanuel Schmitz, Benjamin Jean, Philippe Laurent


16:40-17:20 (Conference, K.3.401)
Jeanne Tadeusz


17:00-17:40 (Conference, K.3.201)
Lionel Dricot


14:00-15:00 (Workshop, K.4.401)
peupleLa, Lamessen, Goofy,
16:20-16:40 (Conference, K.3.201)
Dimitrios Symeonidis, Erik Josefsson

Culture and Libre/Free Art

16:20-17:00 (Conference, K.1.105)
Jonas Öberg
17:00-17:40 (Conference, K.1.105)
T B Dinesh,

Radio, Television

10:20-11:00 (Conference, K.4.601)
Mathias Coinchon, Michael Barroco
11:00-11:20 (Conference, K.4.601)
Paweł Mikołajczuk
11:20-12:00 (Conference, K.4.601)
James Harrison
12:00-12:20 (Conference, K.4.601)
Manuel Naudin
14:00-14:40 (Conference, K.4.601)
Dieter Van Rijsselbergen, Marco Dos Santos Oliveira
14:40-15:20 (Conference, K.4.601)
Christophe Massiot
15:20-16:00 (Conference, K.4.601)
Bram Tullemans, David Fischer


14:00-14:40 (Conference, K.3.201)
Dimitri Robert
14:40-15:20 (Conference, K.3.201)
Ale Rimoldi
15:20-16:00 (Conference, K.3.201)
Elisa de Castro Guerra

Entrepreneurship in Free Software: Results and experiences

14:00-14:20 (Conference, K.3.601)
Clément Oudot
14:40-15:20 (Conference, K.3.601)
Nicolas Charles
15:40-16:00 (Conference, K.3.601)
Jean-Louis ERCOLANI,

Using free software daily in companies: feedback

10:00-10:40 (Conference, K.3.601)
Estelle Falcy, Laurent Laffont
11:20-12:00 (Conference, K.3.601)
Philippe-Arnaud Haranger
12:00-12:20 (Conference, K.3.601)

University and Research

15:00-16:00 (Workshop, H 2111)
Steven Shiau
15:40-16:00 (Conference, K.4.601)
Alexis Guéganno

Free Computer Teaching

14:00-14:40 (Conference, K.3.401)
Benjamin Vialle
15:20-15:40 (Conference, K.3.401)
Yannis ROSSETTO, Martin GOYOT ,

Accessibility, Autonomy and Dependency Management

11:00-11:40 (Conference, K.4.201)
Marie-Pierre Bijon 
11:40-12:20 (Workshop, K.4.201)
Marie-Pierre Bijon
14:00-14:40 (Conference, K.4.201)
Jean-Philippe Mengual
15:00-16:00 (Workshop, K.4.201)
16:20-17:20 (Conference, K.4.201)
Christophe Strobbe
17:20-18:00 (Conference, K.4.201)
Christophe Strobbe, Javier Hernández

System Administration

10:00-10:40 (Conference, H 2214)
Thomas Moreau
11:40-12:20 (Conference, H 2214)
Kris Buytaert
14:00-14:40 (Conference, H 2214)
Nicolas Vigier
14:40-15:20 (Conference, H 2214)
Julien Pivotto
15:20-16:00 (Conference, H 2214)
Michael Scherer
16:20-17:00 (Conference, H 2214)
Marc Baudoin, Éric Deschamps
17:00-17:20 (Conference, H 2214)
Matthieu Cerda


10:00-10:40 (Conference, H 2215)
Bruce Momjian
11:20-12:00 (Conference, H 2215)
Sebastien Deleersnyder
12:00-12:20 (Conference, H 2215)
Cedric Foll
14:00-14:40 (Conference, H 2215)
Jonathan Clarke
14:40-15:20 (Conference, H 2215)
Yvan Boily
15:20-16:00 (Conference, H 2215)
Clément Oudot
16:20-17:00 (Conference, H 2215)
danny de cock
17:00-17:40 (Conference, H 2215)
Frank Cornelis
17:40-18:00 (Conference, H 2215)
François Marier