Workshop "Being an investigator" : Solving a digital crime with DFF

Speaker(s) : Solal Jacob

  • Language : Anglais
  • Level : Confirmed
  • Nature : Workshop
  • Date : Tuesday 9 July 2013
  • Schedule : 14h00
  • Duration : 120 minutes
  • Place : H 2111
Theme : Security
Fils rouges : Atelier
Public cible : DécideursGeeksGrand publicProfessionnels


Have you ever dreamed of being an expert like in the NCIS TV show ? This workshop is for you ! You will learn how to use DFF to conduct the analysis of a provided disk image in order to be able to answer the questions (who, what, where, when, why & how) which lead to solve a digital investigation !

Prerequisites : some space on your hard drive and having DFF already installed may make you earn some time.


Solal is the creator and dictator of Digital Forensics Framework. He taught security attack and defenses principle and he is a supporter and lover of open source technologies. That’s why he decided, with three others folks, to create ArxSys the first European company dedicated to the development of open source tools for digital forensics and incident responses. He’s also a strong believer in beerware license so don’t forget to bring him a Belgian beer if you like his work.