OpenplacOS: Automate your DIY system

Speaker(s) : Alexandre Barachant, Vincent Lagorsse

  • Language : Français
  • Level : Newbie
  • Nature : Conference
  • Date : Monday 8 July 2013
  • Schedule : 15h20
  • Duration : 40 minutes
  • Place : K.4.201
Theme : Free Hardware
Public cible : Geeks


OpenplacOS is a free software dedicated to the automation of small systems such as indoor gardens, aquariums or hydroponic systems. This solution is designed for DIY applications and offers a wide support of IO boards (Arduino, uChameleon, etc), sensors (temperature, hygrometry, pH ) and actuators (Light, Pump, Fan). After a brief introduction of the project and the existing solutions, we will focus on workflow we opt for: the users starts describing its system and the software goes on, based on this hardware description, to automatically adapt automations algorithms and user interface to fit system needs. Then we will review the architecture we implemented, characterised by modularity and extensitivity, to achieve this goal. A real-world usecase with a demonstration will be presented during the session. We will conclude on perspectives about the projet, that will lead in particular to open hardware design.


Gratuated of electronics engeenering at INP Grenoble university, Vincent Lagorsse joins STMicro in 2008 to work on SoC design such as set-top box or IP TV, and is specialized on video stream decode. After an electronic enginnering degree and a Ph.D in signal processing, Alexandre Baranchant has integrated CNRS at Grenoble to work on classification and machine learning algorithms dedicated to brain computer interfaces. The two authors work on OpenplacOS project for about 3 years and are members of Grenoble hackerspace. They realised several systems that run under OpenplacOS such as a vegetated wall, culture hydroponic system or a drink distribution system that has been presented during RMLL 2012 at Geneva.

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