What school for the information society? Program or be programed

Speaker(s) : François Élie

  • Language : Français
  • Level : Newbie
  • Nature : Conference
  • Date : Monday 8 July 2013
  • Schedule : 16h20
  • Duration : 60 minutes
  • Place : K.1.105
Fils rouges : Enjeux sociétaux
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At first, some useful remarks about the aims and role of schools. Then the fact that the computer science is neither the masters of uses nor the control of technology (to know how to drive it is maybe useless to open the hood, but it can be usefull to know a little about physics). With the omnipresence of the digital technology, we shall have to "teach the physics in the car"! Two schools are then possible, the one who will be transformed by tools and practices from the outside and who will not be any more the school of the freedom, and the one among which tools and uses will allow to really teach their science. In the rear, it is not exactly the same information society which is outlined. Free software is not only a nice ingredient of the school: the refoundation of the school of the freedom at the time of the information society passes by a reflection on the motivation of hackers: program or be programmed!