Lexicology and latin language processing

Intervenant(s) : Yves Ouvrard

  • Langue : Français
  • Niveau : Débutant
  • Type d'événement : Conférence
  • Date : Maandag 8 juli 2013
  • Horaire : 10h00
  • Durée : 20 minutes
  • Lieu : K.4.601

Vidéo : http://video.rmll.info/videos/lexicologie-et-traitement-automatique-du-latin/

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Free-libre software can provide outstanding tools for studying latin and ancient texts. The author will present programs which revolutionize the approach of students and teachers, featuring services as good and sometimes better than highest rated dictionaries, while reusing those.

The talk will address the following topic:
- establishing the vocabulary of a given text; lemmatization and morphological analysis contextual study of the semantic field
- helping the reader ;
- comparing romance languages;
- retrieving romance languages orality;
- Public domain dictionaries: Gaffiot, Lewis and Short
- An inventory : developments and teams.

Link: http://collatinus.org


Ancient languages teacher, OFSET member, author of ’Collatinus’


Slides (PDF - 440.4 kB)