Low cost PC with built-in Science Laboratory

Intervenant(s) : Ajith Kumar

  • Langue : Anglais
  • Niveau : Débutant
  • Type d'événement : Conférence
  • Date : Maandag 8 juli 2013
  • Horaire : 15h20
  • Durée : 40 minutes
  • Lieu : K.4.601

Vidéo : http://video.rmll.info/videos/low-cost-pc-with-built-in-science-laboratory/

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Most of the Tablet PCs and high end phones use low cost ARM processors running Android OS. These processors are capable of running Linux OS. With built-in hardware for interfacing sensor and control elements it is possible to create a low cost science laboratory using these processors. A 5V DC powered device with external monitor can be made under US$ 30/- when manufactured in quantity. The preliminary test of this idea has been carried out successfully using Allwinner A13 based tablet PCs and expEYES junior experiment kit. Further work is possible if sufficient interest is generated among the academic community.


Works at Inter-University Accelerator Centre, mainly in the area of particle accelerator development. Involved in developing tools for science education using Free and Open Source hardware and software. Several equipment for teaching science has been developed and released under the Phoenix project, including the expEYES kit.