OpenEMPI An Open Source Enterprise Master Patient Index

Intervenant(s) : Odysseas Pentakalos

  • Langue : Anglais
  • Type d'événement : Atelier
  • Date : Donderdag 11 juli 2013
  • Horaire : 17h20
  • Durée : 20 minutes
  • Lieu : K.4.401
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The problem of inaccurate patient identification due to errors introduced during data capture or due to syntactic and semantic differences between patient registration systems is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today. An inefficient and inaccurate master patient index introduces duplicate and/or overlaid patient records which can then cause inappropriate or delayed treatments, adverse events, or even death. These data quality issues present in the master patient indexes of many healthcare organizations also prevent the accurate exchange of clinical data and thereby prevent the goal of a complete patient electronic health record, and the many benefits which this accomplishment entails, from becoming a reality. OpenEMPI is an open source Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) which has been designed with the goals of extensibility and flexibility as the primary driving principles. In this presentation we will provide a brief overview of the problem of duplicate patient identity records and describe how an EMPI in general and OpenEMPI in particular help to resolve this problem. After providing an overview of the architecture of the system we will describe some of its key features and then close by describing a recent deployment of OpenEMPI as a national patient registry for a country in Africa.


Odysseas Pentakalos is Chief Technology Officer of SYSNET International, Inc., where he focuses on providing consulting services with the architecture, design and development of large distributed systems with specific focus on the Health IT systems. He was the Principal Investigator on both a Phase I and Phase II SBIR project to develop an open source Enterprise Master Patient Index which was recently deployed as the Client Registry of the OpenHIE project, which is a global, open-source collaboration initiative emerging to assist in the strengthening of national health information exchanges for the underserved. Dr. Pentakalos led the architecture, design, and development of a health data exchange called MeDHIX for the Primary Care Coalition that allows for the exchange of health care data between a group of Safety Net clinics and mainstream healthcare. He also led the architecture, design, and development of the integration of the VA’s MyHealtheVet portal with the 140 Medic al Center systems that provided the data for the patient’s EHR. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He has published dozens of papers in conference proceedings and journals, is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, is the co-author of the book "Windows 2000 Performance Guide" that was published by O’Reilly. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Pentakalos received a highly prestigious fellowship award from the National Academy of Science to continue his research on the development of probabilistic analytical models for evaluating the performance of mass storage systems at NASA