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Speaker(s) : Jan Vansteenlandt

  • Language : Anglais
  • Level : Confirmed
  • Nature : Conference
  • Date : Monday 8 July 2013
  • Schedule : 15h00
  • Duration : 20 minutes
  • Place : K.3.601
Fils rouges : Open Data
Public cible : DécideursGeeksProfessionnels


Open data is a great concept. All over Europe, and even the globe, open data portals are popping up like mushrooms in a forest. However, putting online raw datafiles isn’t enough. It’s not query-able and app developers find themselves re-downloading the datafile over and over just to make sure everything is up to date. The DataTank aims to solve these issues by providing a tool to publish data in a RESTful way, so that app developers can get started with open data, and data owners don’t have to build an API themselves on top of their data.

The DataTank is a platform in PHP that aims to publish data under a URI, which instantly creates a RESTful API on top of raw data. This data can be in any format (i.e. XML, CSV, XLS, SHP,...) and can be translated to any format (i.e. JSON, XML, PHP, HTML,...). It’s an open source tool used in several leading data portals in Flanders, and is used in the Apps4Europe event as well. By making it easy to provide an instant API on top of data, we aim at enabling the usage and thus the value of open data much faster, and easier. During the talk different aspects will be highlighted, technical and non-technical. As well as the importance of the degree in which data consumers can use your data.


Jan Vansteenlandt is a freelancer, mostly working on projects involving The DataTank and member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium.

Attached documents

Présentation de l'application PHP The Data Tank

présentation d’une application fournissant une interface aux ré-utilisateurs de données opendata